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TBS CleverORDERS is an integrated internet ordering system that links to your existing accounting software. Best suited to companies who want to stream line their business dealings with clients, CleverORDERS allows lightning fast entry of orders, warranties, credits and provides printable information such as invoices and product catalogues.

  • Extra Advertising Stream
    Use CleverORDERS to notify clients about special offers and keep in regular contact. CleverORDERS can also display RSS feeds such as news and weather (based on the client’s location) automatically.
  • High Performance
    CleverORDERS can handle even the toughest loads with ease and high speed. Our system works just as well with 50,000 products as with 100. Every aspect
    of CleverORDERS has been tailored for high speed response and the fastest data entry for your users.
  • Increased Revenue
    CleverORDERS is provided by TBS for a low monthly fixed cost while expanding your contact with clients who will be attracted to how easy it is to do business with you.
  • Link To Accounting Software
    TBS will integrate CleverORDERS into your existing accounting software** to provide a seamless experience.
    ** The level of integration depends on your specific environment.
  • No Maintenance Costs
    You have full control over content on your site. We take care of the rest and provide the support and servers so you don’t have to.
  • Save Time & Money
    Utilising an online ordering system you will save interaction time with clients (for both orders and general enquiries). Don’t waste time answering questions about stock levels, order placement, warranties & credits, invoice reprints.
  • Stay Open 24×7
    Never worry about missing orders again. Your clients will have full-time
    access to your business.

Feature List – Website

  • 4 security levels: 0 – Prices only; 1 – Prices / Orders; 2 – Prices / Orders / Invoice View & Reprint / Credit / Warranty / Reporting; 3 – all + account balances.
  • Branded with your own company logo.
  • Clients can process online: orders, request for credit, return material authorisation.
  • Clients can see who within their organisation has placed an order/credit/
    warranty request.
  • Clients can view information: invoices, price lists / product catalog, account balance.
  • Display your bank account / payment information online.
  • Export data to CSV. Export reports to CSV/PDF/XLS/RTF.
  • Full compatibility with all major internet browsers.
  • Log user login and important messages confirmation. Ensure users have read your important messages.
  • Multiple warehouse support – list stock locations and corresponding stock levels.
  • News & Weather RSS feeds – keep your clients interested.
  • Online help and easy to use.
  • Order templates – enter once and use many times. Clients can enter by themselves and you can also provide templates such as package deals.
  • Popup product images with catalogue descriptions.
  • Powerful search filtering on every page.
  • Pricing: Three tier pricing per product, Product Group Discount, Contract Prices per Client, Price Matrices.
  • Reports include: Order/invoice/credit/warranty detail/summary by date range; Order & invoice reprints; Product Price list / catalog;
  • Scrolling messages – advise your clients about special offers etc.

Feature List – Web Control Backend

  • Automatic email “order received” notification (optional).
  • Automatic email status updates for warranty requests (as well as the ability to view online).
  • Bulk reset passwords and notify clients by email.
  • Create order templates for your website users to create orders from with a single click.
  • Customise your reason codes for credit/warranty entry.
  • Download orders/credits requests/warranty requests directly to your accounting system.
  • Edit your email templates with our built-in HTML editor.
  • Fully hosted SQL database server.
  • Limit web products for certain users.
  • Multiple warehouse support – list stock locations and corresponding stock levels.
  • Set notice board and important messages for your website. E.g. Run a special offer for product lines you want clear.
  • Set products that are available on the web (auto-set by product activity after
    a certain date).
  • TBS provides a backend program called ‘Web Control’ that allows you to upload & download data any time.
  • Toggle RSS feeds per user. Weather & News display information relevant to your client’s location.
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We recommend the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows XP or a later version of Windows
  • Pentium 4 Processor
  • Minimum 1 Gig RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor for shared applications
  • 400mb available hard disk space
  • Internet access for Remote Support



“Manuals are provided with each software purchase as both a Help file (CHM) linked within the program/s and a PDF to allow printing as required.”


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