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Features & Benefits

  1. TBS CleverHOME™ is a unique package that has never been presented to the public at large, anywhere in the world… a true home package with a wealth of features to manage any budget / cash/ insurance/ job/ financial/ contact/ security aspect of your home from preparing a detailed budget to recording your assets, to letting the children use the software to learn business or simply maintain their own contacts, and personal assets etc. We also have a private cashbook facility independent of the business cashbook.
  2. Includes a series of special features that any business can use for trades/ professionals/ small business/ sales representatives etc with advanced invoicing, quoting, client pricing, job cards, creditors totals, appointments, cashbook etc
  3. Can be used in conjunction with other accounting software packages
  4. Very easy to use and fully integrated
  5. Network license: 10 user network at your premises or 10 single user/computer loads at the same location where you load a copy on your children’s computer, mum, dad, grandparents…
  6. Provided by a company that has been supplying high end solutions since 1986 in such product areas as franchising, manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, specialty industry applications such as blinds, safety, builders, food wholesalers etc
  7. Low $65.00 cost… which is the lowest cost for benefit ratio in the world
  8. Low $35.00 annual maintenance cost… for new options and updates



We recommend the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows XP or a later version of Windows
  • Pentium 4 Processor
  • Minimum 1 Gig RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor for shared applications
  • 400mb available hard disk space
  • Internet access for Remote Support



“Manuals are provided with each software purchase as both a Help file (CHM) linked within the program/s and a PDF to allow printing as required.”


TBS CleverHOME™ Video Tutorials

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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