TBS CleverENGINEERING has all the features of CleverCORPORATE geared towards the blinds industry.




Features & Benefits

TBS CleverENGINEERING has all the features of CleverCORPORATE geared towards the blinds industry.

Has all the features of CleverCORPORATE but focuses heavily on manufacturing processes for companies who fabricate their products in house.

  • Advanced jobbing controls that handle every component of a job from small part manufacture to full trailer/boat/building manufacture.
  • Advanced purchase order requests and stock analysis.
    • Highlight order requests that need actioning.
    • Warnings to place orders when production levels are too low.
    • Multiple levels to charge against jobs.
    • Local and international pricing built in at all products and product group levels.
    • Quoting can be built as a bill-of-materials (BOM) and then quoted, and when accepted transferred to a job or an invoice.
    • Greater use of bar code reports through all areas of production.
    • Advanced jobbing payroll allowing standards, piece rate input and departmental controls that flow through the final charging for jobbing and ledger.
  • Job Control.
    • Job/time cards can be auto updated to the jobbing area.
    • Special manufacturing job card to note cutting, machining settings etc.
    • Able to copy standard items to a current job and then modify to suit.
    • Warnings on stock checks, pricing variations, creditor invoices not yet processed, purchases not yet processed (charged against the job), charge items not yet processed.
    • Integration with master jobs. If this job is a part process to a larger job then that is highlighted along the production cycle.
    • Multi location controls and stock by location and consolidated data.
    • Update product file where costs changed- interim verification form checks first.
  • Advanced End-of-day (EOD) procedures with automatic scheduling of work and reports as an overnight function.
  • Full integrated accounting and business controls.



We recommend the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows XP or a later version of Windows
  • Pentium 4 Processor
  • Minimum 1 Gig RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor for shared applications
  • 400mb available hard disk space
  • Internet access for Remote Support



“Manuals are provided with each software purchase as both a Help file (CHM) linked within the program/s and a PDF to allow printing as required.”


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