USA + UK + Ireland + Canada + The Netherlands + Australia + Rest of the World - we have opportunities for licencing by country, marketing partnerships and specific application sale/development. I will look at any proposal.

Our software is completely turnkey with no other software required. Let me show you how you can grab a reasonable share of the market and improve your clients success rate. The opportunity to improve systems & profits for franchise groups is pronounced and your consulting capabilities are very broad. Your role is to have the dealer/sales network to reach businesses or the private market. We offer the largest range of software of any company in the business software market from business packages in 3 levels (business, business plus and corporate) plus we have the most sophisticated and complete franchise solution ever produced. The franchise solution has also been setup to operate multi-branch sites at a level not seen in corporate software. Want to know the total position for all branches? One button click will automatically post all branch data (allow five [5] minutes per branch) and everything is then automatically sent to a summary program that will be available for full review of sales, purchases, cashbook, stock, profits, expenses, accounting, daily statistics, KPI data, totals by product; product group; master group levels; industry groups; state; countries etc and every conceivable business control.

TBS also have industry solutions that stand head and shoulders above any other packages on the market in these areas: blind industry, truck/trailer manufacturing, joinery/timber sales and production, gas bottle distributor (hire bottles and sell gas for remote areas). Add bespoke possibilities with over 2,000 business functions available to be ported to any TBS application you begin to see the breadth of possibilities is only limited by imagination… from our perspective we are completely committed to providing you exactly what you need for your clients.

We also have a great solution for Consultants and Management Accountants to improve client control and profitability. This software aids in analysing a business and setting markers for guaranteed improvement. A must have for every business. I was a senior partner in an accounting practice so understand the needs and I am looking for practices and consultancies that have a management accounting focus so that we can improve the lot of your clients. I am not interested in the straight tax/invoicing only solution accountants who send their client data to the Philippines for processing and ignore profits and systems through expediency!

If you have a marketing ability and/or a large customer base then TBS Software offers the most unique opportunity to service your customers with your own software that can do more than the opposition and can have multiple price points. We will program adjustments to suit your requirements and give you the unique availability of your own software company in-house! Ease of on-line distribution and product stability coupled with the most unique and broad range of features, are cornerstones of the TBS software business and can be yours with our support.

In Australia we have negotiated a deal to allow software to be financed at bank rates so you can go to your clients with a monthly rate whilst getting your share up front. Good for the clients and great for the dealer/distributor.

TBS Software has tremendous support options for dealers who on-sell TBS products in both special pricing, commission and backup support to your clients. With over twenty software product solutions to choose from you can concentrate on a single product or combination to suit your needs.

We also have a specific TBS Online Accounting Plan for those accountants and consultants who wish to have top quality software for their clients on the web at monthly rates and including fully integrated systems back to KPI and your own reporting structures. We can co-brand the software and also modify the software so that it is your own exclusive fit for your clients.

Contact Walter Tegelaar direct: walter.tegelaar (confidentiality assured)