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  • Home items – contacts; birthdays; shopping; children; recipes; letters; CD/DVDs etc
  • Personal Info – diary; medicines; information database; cash-flow
  • Investments – run a full investment mini-business with this program
  • Budgets – manage your monthly household budgets in unsurpassed detail
  • Cashbook – able to track money movements just for you
  • Assets + Loans – record household assets + full loan scheduler
  • Property Management – control other investment properties or your own
  • Stock Market – record stock movements of interest
  • Income Tax calculator – want to know what the next raise means to you?



  • Handles most of the required business invoicing functions
    • Customer Quotes
    • Customer Invoices
    • Customer Statements
    • Sales Reports
    • Customer Trial Balance
  • Fully integrated customers, products and invoicing
  • Full cashbook and auto allocation invoice payments
  • Low cost for 10 users CleverHOME™
    • Others charge hundreds for invoicing alone!
    • No other company has this range of personal items
  • 10 user network capability provided within this package
  • Full emailing capability for quote, invoice, statements
  • Ideal representative invoicing + quoting package for businesses using other software

Other business packages within this package:

TBS has a great range of products from franchising, corporate in 3 levels, retail, manufacturing, engineering, sales-rep, and industry specific software so you can start with TBS CleverHOME™ and graduate to any sized business software as required.

TBS CleverHOME™options - Data entry forms: 298   Reports: 301





Special Programs



Special Programs

These 3 menus are self contained programs which can be used by businesses to maintain controls not found in their current software programs…










 Let us now look at the individual options within our TBS CleverHOME™ program in 2 segments: 

  • HOME section
  • BUSINESS section
  • You can switch between the 2 menus (if your user defined security allows this)

TBS CleverHOME™ 

  • Contacts listing to manage your contacts (also by separate members of your family), card lists, phone lists, emergency numbers list.
  • Send your faxes, letters and attachments to emails and retain a record for future reference.
  • Do your shopping list and choose from 320 products entered for your convenience.
  • Keep track of all your DVDs, CDs, Videos, Records and other items.
  • Keep all your birthdays and special events and list important dates by month.
  • Maintain children activities and automatically update an appointment 4 times in advance for easy school/activity/social planning.
  • We have a recipe area to maintain and possibly share your favorite recipes (print included). Able to list unlimited ingredients, cooking times etc
  • Our loan calculator includes a complete load schedule to track principal and interest payments plus the balance of a loan at any point in time… useful for your mortgage.
  • Tax calculator allows you to check the tax charged against your income or future income. You are also able to set tax rates for any country
  • The budget planner is a detailed weekly/fortnightly/monthly/yearly planner that covers all income and expenses with 22 pre-defined categories and then has the ability to add as many other areas as required via a linked sub-table. This also includes a copy function so you can set the parameters and then copy to a new date.
  • Budget planner actual to enter actual income + expenses incurred by your home etc and then run the comparison to your budget and obtain a detailed report showing actual versus budget. You will be amazed at the benefits of budgeting and checking.
  • Keep a diary and also has the provision to project up to 4 repeating diary items in advance automatically, whilst you can manually enter as much as you wish.
  • Personal profiler where you can list your strengths and weaknesses, life changing events and goals, and assess where you are at. I did this with my children and they were amazed at the insight it provided into their own characters.
  • Property purchase register enables you to list properties under review or actually owned by yourself with a guide to loan repayments if you choose to purchase.
  • Personal information database for your medical records, inoculations, and other information. Includes a medicines/vitamins register showing timing/costs etc
  • Track cash income and expenditure by person or project.
  • Personal budget allows you to enter any categories or time frames to plan major ins/outs and detail what each budget item relates to.
  • Asset register allows you to list all assets, store pictures, calculate depreciation etc
  • Equipment maintenance allows you to list household/work items and maintain a maintenance and cost log against each item. Just keep track of all your car costs for tax purposes or to decide when it is best to replace because maintenance is costing more than repayments!
  • Investments Manager is a more than useful tool to completely control your investments in the following categories:
  • Shares
    • What, when, how much and when sold including brokerage controls.
  • Loans
    • Loans and money held on short/long term investments.
  • Equity
    • Equity financing.
  • Other
    • Ability to track other investments in a complete broker/client or personal type arrangement. Also linked to payments and receipts cashbook. You can enter broker details, client details and manage/track against these people/firms.
    • You could virtually run a finance company with this section
  • Stock market analysis allows you to record share pricing for your shares or those shares that you wish to track for movement and potential returns.


Below are some screens within the Home segment of the program.






 Now let us look at the business options within this program:

Great for starter businesses

Easy to Use

10 users/network allowed

Fully integrated

Corporate options/upgrades

Multiple businesses

Good for new business/trades

Good for a home office

Good for professionals




  •       Customer Details
  •       Customer Lookups – Bankings; Quotes; Invoices; Product Items sold.
  •       Customers Reports – Statements; Trial Balance; Sales reports; Customer List; Unpaids.
  •       Banking – Summary and individual banking data with full ledger allocation and invoice allocation
  •       Banking Reports – Receipt Print; Email; Mark Invoices Paid; Invoices Allocated List; Debtors Invoices Due List
  •       Quote / Estimate Entry – Print; Email; button to create an invoice from the quote data
  •       Quote Report – between date range
  •       Supplier Details
  •       Supplier Lookups – Payments; Invoice Totals Only; Product Items purchased; RFC.
  •       Supplier Reports – Trial Balance.
  •       Payments – Summary and individual payment data with full ledger allocation and invoice allocation
  •       Payment Reports – Remittance Print; Email; Mark Invoices Paid; Invoices Allocated List; Creditors Invoices Due List
  •       Business Cash-flow Worksheet – Cash-flow Print
  •       Cost and Expenses Record
  •       Product Groups to consolidate product sales into sections. This ensures analysis of worthwhile departments and ensures control of specific cost areas. ie: You may sell doors, windows, furniture and hardware. As individual products the overall result may not mean much but segregating into product groups you may find 1 area does not make enough profit, so if possible removal of this defective product group may free up resources, improve concentration in profitable areas and in fact improve your business growth and profitability
  •       Products that can have 3 selling prices (retail, retail-min (or trade) and corporate) set as tax inc or tax ex plus ledger control for automatic accounting allocation at invoicing.
  •       Job Register – link a job to a customer or internal process (ie: build a house or add a room)
    • Links to the cashbook – receipts and payments
    • Links to customer invoicing
    • Links to supplier invoicing
  • Job Cards – record your time spent against jobs or contracts, or simply record your work processes to determine downtime versus productive time etc.
    • Keep good records for time spent on jobs
    • Able to allocate against tasks (you define)
    • Obtain an idea between tasks for efficiency
    • Auto invoicing available for job cards
    • Also able to use job card data as a base for payroll
  • Import calculator that allows for overseas currency price, 2 levels of supplier discount, converted costs and add-on costs such as freight-in, duty-in, expenses-in, markup % and set a selling price.
  • Retail tax summary (GST/VAT/BTW etc dependant upon the tax system used) that reports tax calculated at invoicing or cashbook
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
    • Asset register
    • Asset groups
    • Assets non-depreciable
    • Asset listing report
    • Depreciation schedule
  • Payroll and Personnel
    • Personnel details
    • Payroll processing
    • Taxation schedule (allows you to set your own multiple tax rates)
    • Payroll batch (enables you to copy a standard payroll)
    • Job Applications and standard letter
    • Payroll slips
    • Tax summaries and payroll data reports
    • Employee reviews
    • Official warnings
    • Leave reports
    • Long service and special leave controls
  • Business Plan
    • Business details
    • Sales budget
    • Expenses budget
    • Profit and Loss projections
    • Balance Sheet projections
    • Policy/procedure definition and reports
    • Reports – business plan
    • TBS Business Checklist
    • TBS Control Points
  • System Utilities
  • Logo
  • Passwords
    • Security
      1. All menus have individual protection settings
      2. 14 levels of security
      3. If you load on individual computers for students etc then you keep people away from business data or your own data etc, although using the security correctly allows concurrent use in a home network
  • Change Password – on each workstation
  • States definition
  • Postcodes definition
  • Ledger Accounts (chart of accounts details)
  • Startup Options


TBS SETUP of your CleverHOME™ package

 We then provide a setup screen to help you get started and cover all those points needed that you may not know in using a new software program… we try to make things as easy as possible:




Below are some screens within the Business segment of the program.



  1. TBS CleverHOME™ is a unique package that has never been presented to the public at large, anywhere in the world… a true home package with a wealth of features to manage any budget / cash/ insurance/ job/ financial/ contact/ security aspect of your home from preparing a detailed budget to recording your assets, to letting the children use the software to learn business or simply maintain their own contacts, and personal assets etc. We also have a private cashbook facility independent of the business cashbook.
  2. Includes a series of special features that any business can use for trades/ professionals/ small business/ sales representatives etc with advanced invoicing, quoting, client pricing, job cards, creditors totals, appointments, cashbook etc
  3. Can be used in conjunction with other accounting software packages
  4. Very easy to use and fully integrated
  5. Network license: 10 user network at your premises or 10 single user/computer loads at the same location where you load a copy on your children’s computer, mum, dad, grandparents…
  6. Provided by a company that has been supplying high end solutions since 1986 in such product areas as franchising, manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, specialty industry applications such as blinds, safety, builders, food wholesalers etc
  7. Low $99.00 cost… which is the lowest cost for benefit ratio in the world
  8. Low $35.00 annual maintenance cost… for new options and updates


So whether you are a person who could use many of the great features found in TBS CleverHome™, a household that needs to do things better, prepare a budget, share your recipes, record banking and payments, prepare invoices and statements, save money, teach individuals within the home how to manage, or run a business and need the essentials to run your business, or a corporation who can complete some tasks using TBS Software whilst maintaining their own internal and accounting systems, the options are endless and thankfully not costly.


Should you need more then please know that TBS can provide any range of options and software packages to any level of business or franchising. So I trust the preceding has been helpful and look forward to welcoming you in the TBS family of customers.

Please log onto the server and order the product for immediate download.


Walter SJ Tegelaar

Managing Director

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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