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Remote Support

Here you can download our remote support software which will allow our staff to view your computer remotely to diagnose & fix problems.

There are two options:

  • Standalone: This version does not install anything onto your computer.
  • Installer: This version installs TBS Support icons in your start menu and desktop for
    easy access.

Click on a link below:

TBS Remote Support (standalone) – New version 16/11/2012

TBS Remote Support File (installer) – New version 16/11/2012

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Please notify TBS by email/phone that you need support.

Step 2: Download ‘tbssupport.exe’ from the link above.

Step 3: Double click the ‘tbssupport.exe’ icon from the location you saved it to.

TBS software support

Step 4: Click the ‘OK’ button.


Finished: Wait for our staff to help you over the internet!

To request support by email click here.

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