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Australia + UK + USA + The Netherlands Distributors Wanted!

Our software is completely turnkey with no other software required. Please contact Walter Tegelaar   

TBS Software is looking for distributors in Australia, England, USA, and The Netherlands. Let me show you how you can grab a reasonable share of the market, provided you have the dealer/sales network to reach businesses or the private market. We offer the largest range of software of any company in the business software market from business packages in 3 levels (business, business Plus and corporate) plus we have the most sophisticated and complete franchise solution ever produced. The franchise solution has also been setup to operate multi-branch sites at a level not seen in corporate software. TBS also have industry solutions that stand head and shoulders above any other packages on the market in these areas: blind industry, truck/trailer manufacturing, gas bottle distributor (hire bottles and sell gas for remote areas).

We also have a great solution for Consultants and Management Accountants to improve client control and profitability. This software aids in analysing a business and setting markers for guaranteed improvement. A must have for every business.

If you have a marketing ability and/or a large customer base then TBS Software offers the most unique opportunity to service your customers with your own software that can do more than the opposition and can have multiple price points. We will program adjustments to suit your requirements and give you the unique availability of your own software company in-house! Ease of on-line distribution and product stability coupled with the most unique and broad range of features, are cornerstones of the TBS software business and can be yours with our support.

In Australia we have negotiated a deal to allow software to be financed at bank rates so you can go to your clients with a monthly rate whilst getting your share up front. Good for the clients and great for the dealer/distributor.

TBS Software has tremendous support options for dealers who on-sell TBS products in both special pricing, commission and backup support to your clients. With over twenty software product solutions to choose from you can concentrate on a single product or combination to suit your

We also have a specific a TBS Online Accounting Plan for those accountants and consultants who wish to have top quality software for their clients on the web at monthly rates and including fully integrated systems back to KPI and your own reporting structures. We can co-brand the software and also modify the software so that it is your own exclusive fit for your clients.

Distributor options are available in other countries via our TBS Online Accounting Web setup for distributors adapted to your specific needs.

For the very best software contact Walter Tegelaar and please read the outline following:



Hello, my name is Walter Tegelaar and I am the Founder and CEO of TBS Software. We are a corporate and bespoke software business that services franchises, corporations, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and specialty enterprises with a focus on control, analysis, admin/accounting and profit.


10 Users Built In;  14 Security Levels;  Multi-Branch Capabilities

Modules for Sales Reps;  Accountants; Orders;  and others



We can finance larger systems over 3 to 4 years at banking equivalent rates

Franchise; Corporate; Plus; Engineering;

Wholesaler; Business; Retailer; Home

Accountant / Consultant; Blinds Manufacturing

 Gas Bottle Distributor and more

TBS has provided corporate Australia with top-end solutions for over 28 years. We have the world's best franchising solution and many industry specific packages that are leaders in their own right. We also have fully featured software networked programs for all levels of business and home users. A full list follows.

Our pricing levels are the best in the business so you get maximum value and improvement for your business. Our clients have been impressed with the increase in business control and improvements in business performances, and we have helped many businesses grow exponentially, directly through using TBS Software because it has been developed by experienced business managers and accountants handling the requirements and interactions within a business.

TBS focuses on control and profitability, the ability to upgrade and designing solutions for your business or group. TBS wins easily on features and performance when tested against all the major software programs. We have fully featured software solutions for any level of business and then we can tailor specific control elements that may be specific to your business and thereby not only improve gross and net profitability, but where you have multiple locations, ensure your investment is not being eroded by poor branch management (the main cause of business failure).

We are an Australian company with international links and we have been in operation since April 1986.  My team comes from a broad background in general management, sales management, security, accounting, works management, consulting, transport management, production management (in blinds, plastics, doors, windows, food) and government to private enterprise consulting, both in Australia and overseas (Europe, UK, USA and Asia), so we know how to run businesses at a profit, establish systems to control a business and how to report the results for board, government and line management levels.  We therefore focused on the corporate, heavily modified bespoke systems with the accent on profit performances to match our experiences.

I have been a financial controller for a national company, works manager, accountant, projects and marketing manager for a Dutch university, represented on European commissions, senior partner in a chartered practice, CEO of a plastics company, management consultant and federal official, so my background is deep and varied. When I set up the business model 28 years ago my goal was to build the ultimate business package, allow business to have complete control and improve profitability, have the software be a natural aid to management, and sometime in the future we would create mainstream, high volume products that would leverage our knowledge to make our software more accessible to small/medium businesses and the home owner at a cost anyone could afford. That time has arrived.

 This actual development process takes a lot of time (7 years for Business Accounts the original core business product), then fully test and develop in all sizes of business and operating environments. Then to develop a mainstream solution that will satisfy the needs of our target markets takes a lot of work and input from our customers and staff for which we are very thankful.                                     

Many companies have gone bust over the years whereas we have thrived and developed a wealth of leading edge software solutions:


1.      World leading Franchising systems from Head Office to Branch and Sales Representative such as Safetyquip Australia http://www.safetyquip.com.au/

2.      Engineering/manufacturing software to control the manufacturing and business process  such as Elphinstone Engineering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6877RfBzdU

3.      Complete Blind industry software http://www.hartlandsblinds.com.au/

4.      Gas Bottle hire and sales software for the distributor ie: Eyre Gas & Welding Supplies

5.      Complete solutions in multiple levels: Business, http://www.floorshop.com.au/ Plus http://hipac.com.au/ and Corporate http://www.adcoote.net.au/ and http://www.ausdens.com.au/about_us.php

6.      Specialty programs for accountants, group wholesalers , S4 drugs, vets, payroll, hire, etc

TBS is very well placed to provide the software solution for your business. If you couple this with management and accounting support then you will find immediate benefits in systems control, data improvements to make better decisions and a range of features unequalled in most software packages to automate the general business functions: efficiently and securely.

 Please find below our software programs list and some details of what TBS has to offer:

Program List:

  1. TBS CleverHOME™                                                           
  2. TBS CleverEXTRA              (accountant’s clients)
  3. TBS CleverEXTRA PRO      (accountant’s clients)
  4. TBS CleverBUSINESS™
  5. TBS CleverPLUS™
  6. TBS CleverCorporate
  7. TBS CleverWholesaler
  8. TBS CleverEngineering
  9. TBS CleverBlinds
  10. TBS CleverGroupRetailer
  11. TBS CleverOrders (Internet)
  12. TBS CleverFranchising
  13. Bespoke solutions (hundreds)
  14. Sales Representative
  15. Payroll
  16. Accountant
  17. Archive
  18. TBS CleverHEALTH
  19. Auto Scheduler
  20. Help Desk
  21. Data Comparison
  22. Auto Backup


  • All software is geared towards network usage and has a 10 user license built in.
  • All software is complete and able to be upgraded to larger versions.
  • All TBS Software bears the hallmarks of reliability, scalability and leading edge business features that save you time and money and improve controls.
  • All software is fully integrated with hundreds of reports to report data and provide essential performance statistics to highlight areas that require investigation and thereby improve profit at the product level, product group, division, branch, company and group.
  • All software is also available for the web (not the small invoice type solutions generally on offer by on-line companies… also beware the add-ons to arrive at a solution). We can make TBS Software programs fully web available.



* Head Office:             * Royalty Calculator * Royalty Audit * HO Creditors * HO Purchasing                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                    * Web Link * Rebates * Marketing * Group Data Overview * Payroll                

                                    * Performance Analysis Program for HO * Accountant Module HO

 * Franchise:               * Sales Representative * KPI Analysis * Suppliers Update * Audit

* Special Products Control * Payroll * HO Auto Product Pricing Update

* Branch Review * Web Updates * Pictures (Products) Control

* Performance Analysis Program * Accountant Module


* Group:                      * Combination of above controls * Group Financials


Multiple setup options on a standard windows network of XP Unlimited framework, with full linking to management portables and off-site units such as vans.

TBS CleverFranchising provides seamless integration between Head Office, Branch, Sub-Branch and Sales Representatives.



* Full accounting and administration system

* Full jobbing and process manufacture

* Branch Consolidation * Sales Representative

* KPI Analysis and Group controls

* Web ordering and auto integration to the main program



* Corporate system + advanced jobbing used in trailer/boat/other manufacture



* Corporate system + full blind manufacture control

* TBS has the definitive answer to Blind’s manufacturing in Australia


FOOD WHOLESALER (Suitable for any wholesaler – food just has extra controls)

* Corporate system + full grower’s control

* Buy in from growers; sell at a margin; pay growers and tax commitments

* Stock control by batch and date controls

* 2 versions:

     - Multi state and HO wholesaler and grower program

     - Provider software for the independent wholesaler



* Full CleverPLUS system + importing + bulk and re-order purchasing

* Debtors, Creditors, Cashbook, Accounting, CRM, Products/BOM, Quoting, Purchasing, GST



* Complete CleverPLUS + full gas bottle hire and storage with automatic monthly invoicing, stock holding and upload to external program



* Geared for the small/medium business with less options than TBS CleverPLUS™



* A great set of business tools complimentary to existing accounting software

* Invoicing, Cashbook, Basic Accounting/Journals, CRM, Quoting, Purchasing, GST, Payroll



* Full CleverEXTRA system + Consignments + Bulk Purchasing + Price Lists + CleverHOME™



* Personal cashbook, budgets, investments manager, shopping list, activities control, diary, data (9)

* Business Plan + Payroll/Personnel + Fixed Assets + Basic business items


Custom Software to your own design or needs:


* TBS has the largest range of modular software in Australia and possibly the world

* TBS can automate your toughest procedures with the controls you need

* Client-server or web based solutions or a mix of the two

* Tell us your requirements and let us give you a costing and a plan

* Over 2000 pre-programmed operating procedures

* Multiple invoicing, purchasing, stock control and jobbing/production formats


TBS has all these systems in operation and variations to the standard programs. Call us now for your programming needs. We do it better and faster than anyone else.


Guide to additional TBS family of products completed over the years:

Booking/Seminar Service;

Booking & Scheduling Training Courses and matching teachers to special needs children;

Business Accounts; Business Accounts (Alternate Jobbing); Business Accounts Lite;

Cable Manufacture;


Computer Retailer;


Curtain Manufacturer;

Custom Software to any specification;


Equipment Hire;

Exhibitions Management;

FRANCHISE Systems and Packages which provide the TOTAL FRANCHISING SOLUTION;

Food Manufacturer;

Framing Supplies/Manufacture;

Frozen Food Storage/General Storage Systems;

Furniture Wholesaler;

Gas Bottle Hire/Distribution;

Hairdressing Retailer; 


Importer - Standard Version;

International Labour Control;

Internet Interface; Internet Provider (ISP) Accounting (+ Auto Billing);

Loans Manager;

Manufacture: Doors/Joinery; Manufacture: Light poles;

Manufacture: Nails; Manufacture: Playgrounds;

Membership + Supply;

Nuts + Bolts Wholesaler/Retailer; Payroll;

Overseas Profit and Cash reporting controls for US/UK parent companies;

Overseas missions;

Pets Transport;

Purchasing - Group;

Representatives Sales (Linked to Bus-Accounts, Corporate and Franchise Systems);

Retailer; Retailer Plus (Tax Inclusive); Retailer-Clothing Representatives; Retailer-Clothing Wholesaler;

S4 Drugs Control;

Share + Money Manager;

Sign Manufacturer;

TBS Consultant/Audit Manager;

TBS Contacts Manager PRO;

TBS Management Consultant Utilities;

TBS SOHO (Small Office Home Office);

Transport Manager (USA/Std versions) – USA Transport Association;

Van Distributors (Profit Centres) – Lunch Mobile;

Vehicle Hire and General Hire;

WET Tax;

WHOLESALE Fruit Markets (including advanced grower controls)...




TBS Business Software program features that separate us from the rest:

  • Easy to LEARN, USE and SETUP. You will find it easy to train your staff.
  • KEEP your history in your program [opposition rollover data… your history is GONE].
  • DRILL DOWN capabilities through program: at the customer screen for instance drill down to Product Sales; Invoice Balances; Banking; BackOrders; RFC; Jobs; Quotes.
  • Geared for maximum PERFORMANCE at 5,000-20,000 product items. One customer has 104,000 products and another 30,000 customers. Most customers on our software have 2,000-8,000 products, 1,000-2,000 customers, 200-800 suppliers and keep their data for 6 years before transferring to our archive program which still allows full data interrogation so you can always look back in time.
  • Unlimited DISCOUNT levels per customer.
  • Multiple PRICES per product and customer CONTRACT PRICING.
  • Full Point-Of-Sale (POS) in Standard and Checkout formats.
  • Full Customer Relations Management (CRM).
  • ORDER PROJECTIONS for stock items with auto Purchase Orders after review page.
  • Work task/job control with auto creation of customer invoicing via review page.
  • Full STOCK CONTROL to product and product group level + stock take program.
  • BILL OF MATERIALS stock control and costing + upload to invoicing/quoting (if you do anything with packing or production or adding a labour process then this feature is a must have to control stock and product pricing).
  • Full BUSINESS PLAN and advanced BUDGETING to control your future.
  • ONE TOUCH ACCOUNTING Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet (be your own accountant).
  • Multiple Menus that allow you to set a menu per workstation for the tasks being completed
    • Counter Menu             - for the sales and dispatch desk
    • Lite Menu                    - great training and starting menu with full help text on view
    • Standard Menu           - the original menu format that has menus and data-entry
    • Full Menu                    - corporate format menu with all options and ready references


Case Studies of customers using TBS Software

Case Study1:           An Australian company with English ownership and USA shareholding had quite onerous reporting requirements on a monthly basis to comply with UK/USA fiscal reporting standards which are very tough indeed. They used to spend 4 days per month, in a state of panic to meet the deadlines and tie up an accountant, an assistant accountant and 2 clerks.

TBS quoted for the job as a separate program that pulled data from existing non TBS software and allowed some data-entry where required. The result was a job completed by the accountant or the assistant accountant over 1 day per month. Cost savings for a year was over $7,000 many years ago (11), so as well as providing prompt accurate figures the company has saved at least $100,000 plus to date, given the cost from TBS was $5,200 for this rather complex program.

Case Study2:           Existing software nearing the end of its functionality, with replacement cost over $100,000. Multi-state operation requires strict group office control with stock control the primary issue.

TBS ascertained sound management in place, a good IT controller but the company had a limited budget. The solution was a customized TBS Software program installed for $40,000 with stock control automated by branch and combined company. Control, profits and cash-flow improved dramatically. Significant additional programming was undertaken, creating a unique company management system and permitting staff reassignment in 3 areas of management.

Case Study3:           Public company with 26 subsidiaries requires huge internal accountancy resource and involvement of external consultants to consolidate monthly data and provide Board reports. This involves single data-entry stations for all subsidiaries – a room full of operators manipulating program formats to enter 10 hours per day into a central repository. Report completion requires between 5-7 days per month.

TBS ascertained skilled staff on hand but using a limited network/internal accounting support structure. The solution was an integrated program consolidating the 26 companies, requiring 1 internal accountant instead of 4. Consolidation requires 4 hours per month with reporting formats defined within the TBS program. Data-entry catered for within the TBS Corporate Accounts package under an 18 user system. Up to 12 operators enter invoices etc for 10 hours per day at full typist speeds without a single clash during a 3 year period. Data is auto-archived on a rolling 6 month basis to maintain currency and manageability. Control of the software has been handed to internal staff after than initial 3 year period.

This type of control and functionality has been an integral part of our software development over the 20+ years where we have modified our core software packages. When we complete a major project we look for functionality improvements for our existing customers. We would be one of the only software companies in the world that would then provide some useful upgrades developed for other clients for free within the existing maintenance agreements.


TBS Software also has the most complete franchising control software in the world:

Another key software and business control area is franchising. Franchises need specific controls to operate efficiently. Companies who sell a software package have to have clear benefits and control points upon which to build the sales and support effort. TBS is in the best position to provide a specific solution for a large company to then have a generic package to sell as their own. To ensure business success software systems need to be broad enough to manage the total functions of a business.

This is especially true in the franchise market where new franchisees need all the help they can get and NOT from an invoice producing software program such as myob /quickbooks, or special spreadsheets or manual systems but a fully integrated software program. This program can also include head office reporting capabilities to calculate commissions, control balances to aid in management control.

I used to manage a retail accounting division of a large supermarket chain and provided advice to over 600 businesses. The advice was based on key data sent into the head office, which was compared to standards. More businesses were saved through early intervention than many people would realize simply because business owners had no point of reference as to how their business is going compared to the industry averages.

A franchisor owes this service to franchisees at the very least.


Businesses also need to be aware of how they are travelling against common standards.

Many business people do not know all the requirements of firstly running a business efficiently but more importantly maximizing the profit result. All businesses can affect their bottom line by a minimum of $100,000 for small/medium business and over $1,000,000 for any large business by looking at external consulting, using TBS effectively, or a combination of both. In my consulting career, the average savings for 7-10 day’s consulting, was represented by a saving or profit improvement to the client in excess of $250,000pa. We have tried to bring most of these controls to the TBS software programs to give a profit lift and make the management task easier.

  • In 1986 we rolled out our first commercial package, TBS Business Accounts, which morphed into TBS CleverCorporate and TBS CleverPLUS™ and TBS CleverFRANCHISING.
  • In 1995 we provided the first real large-scale windows application that was essentially problem free. This was built from the ground up in the window’s environment, not being a DOS rework, which is the case with many competitive products to this date.
  • In 1995 and with subsequent development we covered the door manufacturing and retail business
  • In 1997/1998 we also created an Internet solution that was so ahead of it’s time we actually had to wait till 2009 before business understands the ISP controls needed (and throw away $300,000 development).
  • In 1999 and with a major rewrite in 2009 we launched our Gas Bottle Distributor program which is still the industry leader for bottle hire and gas sales today
  • Also in 1999 we launched the Lunch Mobile program to control 50 trucks and the production of food items for the Lunch Mobile from consolidated ordering, stock control, purchasing, production and P&L
  • In 2002 we created a Transport Control program for the US trucking industry that is still used today
  • In 2003 we launched our TBS Blinds package and created an environment that could work in windows and apple. We have the most advanced quoting and product build environment for the blind industry.

·         In 2008 we have launched our website to bring our software to the general public.

·         In 2013 we have launched TBS CleverHEALTH for all people with illnesses but focusing on the heart, diabetes etc and where doctor/specialist feedback is required which is always, and TBS CleverHOME™ which is the complete hope solution for all your needs plus enough business elements for the home entrepreneur to do quotes, invoicing and full customer control. Fully functioning software in your home for a very small cost to cover our costs.


TBS Online Accounts now available    [For businesses, accountants and consultants]

TBS Online Accounts has the most advanced and complete on-line business software in the world today with the capacity for full functionality, blinding speed and no compromise. We can provide that now for businesses and management accountants/consultants who have a client base that wants to use a single solution tailored to the accountant’s reporting needs and offering group KPI, same day profit analysis and networked control. This will take the worry out of setting up and maintaining your networks, getting your client data, doing management accounting work real time for your clients and providing the type of service that should be provided in an accounting or consulting office.

 “If we haven’t programmed it, it hasn’t been done!”


Walter S.J.Tegelaar

Managing Director   

TBS Software


TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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