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Our software is known for high performance on
networks, high reliability and being easy to learn.

Do You Need Custom Software?

TBS has provided corporate Australia with top-end custom software solutions for over 30 years. We have comprehensive solutions for franchising and corporates as well as many industry specific packages. Our specialty is custom rapid development. Our customers enjoy software upgrades on demand that are fast, increase productivity and save expenses. TBS focuses on profitability, the ability to upgrade quickly and painlessly and designing solutions specifically for your group. Our customer software is known for high performance on networks, high reliability and being easy to learn.

We Offer Custom Software Throughout Australia and the World

If you are looking for a custom software development company that can bring you or your business the right solution, we would love to hear from you. We are able to offer all types of software from basic accounting software to custom industry specific software packages and specialty task software. From customer service software that will help you to serve your clients more efficiently to customer database software that can be used in house to track information about your customers like order history and more. Specialty manufacturing and branch control are strengths. Are you ready to find out what TBS can do for you? If so, contact us today.

Custom Software to your own design or needs
  • TBS has the largest range of modular software in the world today designed and written by us. Software not written by student programmers and marketing types but genuine business managers and experienced software designers.
  • TBS can automate your toughest procedures with the controls you need.
  • Client-server or web based solutions or a mix of the two.
  • Tell us your requirements and let us give you a costing and a plan.
  • Over 2000 pre-programmed operating procedures.
  • Multiple invoicing, purchasing, stock control and jobbing/production formats.

TBS has all of these programs in operation plus variations.

If you have a specific problem but can’t find an off-the-shelf solution we can help you.
Even if your problem is not specific to your accounting solution our developers are skilled at business process automation on the Microsoft Windows(TM) platform and can create a custom program to solve any technical issue (e.g. automatically collecting franchisee company
data or automating your backup systems).

* Monthly rental options available on all products – no contracts/fixed terms.
* eSolutions available for any operating system including Apple/Linux/Unix facilitating the global office.

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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