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About TBS Software

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Our Mission
  • To develop and supply fully integrated accounting, management and database software that meets the needs of our corporate, government and business clients. Supplied as fully contained software with no additional and hidden costs.
  • To provide management services, which are value-added and cost effective.
Our Vision
  • To supply high quality cutting edge software. A vision which embraces technology that works for you, not the other way around.
  • To provide rapidly delivered custom solutions.
  • TBS will deliver outstanding value to its clients.
  • To achieve number 1 status in custom software solutions!
Executive Summary

Walter Tegelaar our CEO formed TBS Software from a vision that emerged from his experiences as Chief Financial Officer of a number of large organisations and as a management consultant to industry. Walter concluded that businesses, large and small, were faced with fragmentation in their business software and data capabilities. Accountants concentrated on the tax elements, while other key factors such as correct cost analysis; budgeting, selling prices were left to fend for themselves.

The goal was to provide an intuitive financial, management and database software packages that give management the maximum flow of information to enable correct business decisions. The next step in the evolution was how best to provide this information as part of an overall philosophy. Any solution had to contain the following elements: Cost Effective, True Client/Server Architecture, Easily Customised.

We offer fully integrated software.

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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