Management Melbourne


  • Service solution
  • Full company solution
  • Your server or ours - know where your data isl


  • Blind manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Wholesaling
  • Retail
  • General Business (multi-levels)


  • Most complete Franchising/Multi Branch solution in the world
  • H/O, Branch, Rep, Royalties, Marketing Group KPI and Purchasing
  • Full web solution or internal networked server system Wholesaling


  • Control your client accounts on your own server
  • Multiple levels - Corporate, Plus, Business, Home etc
  • Bookkeeping solutions - Control your own network


  • Manage your clients with specific consulting solutions
  • Client add-ons

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Management Melbourne

TBS CleverBusiness

TBS CleverBUSINESS is a comprehensive business system with full invoicing, purchasing, cashbook and stock control system.including a suite of utilities to help all businesses manage their: job costs, cashflow, lease/loans, contacts (i.e. for marketing purposes), budgets, investments, appointments/to do/follow ups. This software makes management Melbourne easy.

  • Invoicing & Purchase system, ideal for sub-contractors and small businesses
  • Track expenses of jobs and contracts.
  • Quotes / estimates.
  • Full contact management system.
  • Business Utilities: car log / loan & lease calc.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Cashflow worksheet / forecast.
  • Payroll / personnel system.
  • Appointments and To Do organiser.
  • No limit on transactions or number of customers, suppliers or stock items
  • Network ready for the number of users ordered with your system


TBS CleverPLUS is a full accounting system and business management package covering all aspects of business operation. CleverPLUS has an extensive: general ledger accounting system, product management system, contact management system (CMS), job tracking system (especially useful for manufacturers and anyone who needs to track material & labour costs), personnel & payroll system, full tax reporting, importing system + all the features of Clever BUSINESS to boot.

Features of TBS CleverPLUS

Here we provide a list of just some of the features that make TBS CleverPLUS special. This list focuses only on advanced features that our competitors may not have.

Customers & Invoicing & Quoting

  • 8 customizable invoice layouts.
  • Add default outgoing email attachments such as sales promotions.
  • Alternate product descriptions.
  • Auto calculate credit surcharge.
  • Automatic state/postcode for address data entry.
  • Backorders system and reports.
  • Branch stock transfers.
  • Categorize customers by industry type.
  • Consignment system and reports.
  • Copy product packages (bill-of-materials) to your invoice.
  • Copy quotes/orders/invoices.
  • Customer balance shown on invoice screen.
  • Customer Memberships with auto. pro-rata.
  • Customer rewards points system.
  • Delivery dockets.
  • Discount products/product groups per customer with date limit.
  • Display addresses on Google/Bing maps.
  • Email PDFs direct from the quote/order/invoice screens.
  • Follow up notification.
  • Full contact management system to record meetings/phone calls etc.
  • Lay-by system.
  • Mail merge by letter code / industry.
  • Multiple delivery addresses.
  • Point-of-sale, barcode scanner/cashdraw/receipt printer support.
  • Print to specific printer per report & workstation.
  • Search quotes/orders/invoices/purchases/products by name/telephone/address + more.
  • See customer product sales data/backorders/RFC/job/quote information instantly.
  • SMS via Skype or within TBS.
  • Statement invoice print (tear-off remittance).
  • Store customer clothing size etc.
  • Track courier delivery / freight.
  • Track sales by salesperson – calculate commissions.
  • Transfer quotes to orders or invoice.
  • Warranty system.


  • Advanced receiving system – track backorders.
  • Auto generate purchase orders/multiple suppliers - 1 button based on min/max levels
  • Bulk print purchase orders.
  • Link received goods directly to jobs at purchasing.
  • List alternate suppliers for products (with price/conditions).
  • PDF & email out purchase orders instantly.
  • Report on: unsold items by age, order projection, backorders.


  • Accounts for: exchange rate, paid commissions, port charges, finance charges, freight costs by cubic feet, duty.
  • Auto update costs to your product file.
  • Calculate the real cost of landed products.
  • Report on outstanding import items.
  • Store sundry items and notes about your shipment.
  • Track container information.


  • 3 markup levels per product group.
  • 7 Level product discounts.
  • Auto create product codes by categories (e.g. size/colour).
  • Automatic serial number generation.
  • Bill of materials – link products together as a new product.
  • Break quantities (price drops for higher quantities).
  • Calculate prices from either ex-tax or inc-tax.
  • Generate catalogs with special descriptions and photos automatically.
  • Import costing system – allows for exchange rates, duty, expenses etc.
  • Link photos to products.
  • Link products to suppliers & their product codes (reduce mistakes).
  • Link to alternate products.
  • Minimum/maximum product level and AUTOMATIC purchase order creation for multiple suppliers.
  • Stocktake system with reports (note: we have a full rolling stocktake module available).
  • Store product dimensions and carton quantities.
  • Update all products instantly via group settings.

Job Cards & Costing

  • Calculate running jobs costs instantly.
  • Check job status (actual hours vs. quoted hours).
  • Full jobbing system used for manufacturing or consulting.
  • Link products, labour, timesheets to jobs.
  • Track permit numbers, staff hours, overtime.

Contact Contact Management

  • Appointment scheduler.
  • Categorize contacts by industry type.
  • Cut costs by using email instead of paper.
  • Define standard letters (e.g. overdue accounts).
  • Follow up reports – chase sales leads.
  • Generate and store faxes and letters.
  • Mail merge by industry type or letter type.
  • Print envelopes after mail merges.
  • Record all contact with customers and contacts.
  • To do lists.
  • Track sales rep activity with reports.

Multiple menu layouts

  • We have provided different menu systems to suit different types of user:
  • Counter menu – For the sales counter or factory office
  • Full menu – A simplified menu from our corporate system. This menu has numbered buttons and screens to make it easy when providing instructions to your personnel.
  • Standard menu – This menu uses similar terminology to MYOB or Quickbooks for novice users or those who are already familiar with other packages.

Home Utility Suite

We include the full range of utilities for your convenience (note, staff can be locked out of any section of TBS):

  • Birthday / special dates database.
  • Book, music, DVD database.
  • Children’s activities, list and print report.
  • Personal & emergency contacts database.
  • Recipe database.
  • Shopping list manager.
Business Accounts Plus Everything in business plus full jobbing, production, sales generator etc. Total 913 reports/data analysis options
Business Accounts Standard

*Business STD 431 reports              *Business Plus 913 reports *Business One 314 reports

All business items: customers, quotes, invoices, set prices (by product, group, customer, contracts etc.), suppliers, purchasing, debtor/creditor controls, product costing, stock control, stock-take, time cards, professional invoicing, 431 reporting/data analysis options, P&L, Balance Sheet, full accounting integrated to all levels!
Business One Basic business items to suit the consultant/professional or small business with 314 reports/data analysis options
Engineering Advanced business with extra production/stock controls. Build absolutely anything: trailers, boats, cars, out buildings
Blinds Manufacture Advanced business with unique blind manufacture
Consulting Allows analysis of client data including quick P&L based on journal entries etc. Has many revenue features
Payroll Full Australian payroll system… government approved. Could be adjusted to suit any country through your own programmers adjusting for country requirements
Corporate Wholesaler Advanced business with full group wholesaling which has been used for multiple growers ↔ warehousing/sales
Gas Bottle Hire/Rent Retail hire/sale business software for the gas industry
Bookkeeper Essentials Business Bookkeeper software system (refer page 19)
General Programs

(Lists some of the other        applications completed over

the years)

Booking/Seminar Service, Cable Manufacture, Clothing Wholesaler, Clothing Representatives (linked to Wholesaler), Computer Retailer, Contacts Manager PRO, Equipment Hire, Exhibitions Management, Food Manufacturer, Framing Supplies/Manufacture, Frozen Food Storage/General Storage Systems, Hairdressing Supplies Retailer, Home, Internet Interface i.e.: TBSIA, Internet Provider (ISP) Accounting, Internet Provider Software (sub-agents), Manufacture- Doors/Joinery, Manufacture- Light poles, Manufacture- Nails, Manufacture- Playgrounds, Membership & Supply, Nuts & Bolts Wholesaler/Retailer, Payroll (multiple variants), Pets Transport, Purchasing – For the group, Sign Manufacturer, Vehicle Hire, Wholesale Fruit Markets, Many Other Client Variations
Special Programs Transport (USA), Importer (Standard Version), Curtain/Blinds Manufacturer, Share & Money Manager, Loans Manager, International Labour Control
Special Van Distributors

* This was one of my finest programs and worked like a dream. The principals can be applied to so many food, sales vans type businesses for any sort of product or service and provides financial, DR, CR, production & stock automatically *

Van Distributors (Profit Centres-1 client 50 vans) – this deserves a special mention. All vans were treated as profit centres with complete stock control. They submitted a daily order (based on an auto form sales list – so they only needed to enter quantities), which was later summarised for all vans and purchase orders auto created for products/materials required and reports made for production completion. Stock would be distributed with an invoice (covered stock control and base cost of stock). Sales recorded and returns processed as credit and stock adjustment. Each van was reconciled daily for cash and products. The van drivers had no special skills but all facets worked efficiently. Fantastic application that worked like a dream. Could even work in coffee shops, fast food outlets.


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Management Melbourne

Management Melbourne