TBS Software Bespoke Solutions:

  • Any application or task can be defined to assist you in the management of your business or that of your client. TBS is then able to roll out any application via the cloud. We can also incorporate your specific application within the many levels/options of our business software for a specific solution.

Some Business examples to consider as stand-alone solutions or combine to suit your needs:

  • Advanced quoting
  • Time Management & Job Cards
  • CRM Controls
  • Loan Management Control & Financing Controls
  • Jobbing & Basic Production
  • Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) / Product Costing
  • Advanced Stock Control Units & Values - plus Backdated Stock Valuations
  • Advanced Sales Management or Sales Representative Control System
  • Personnel data & Payroll data
  • Head Office & Branch Management Controls
  • Advanced Purchasing using Min/Max/Auto Purchase Orders
  • Advanced Invoicing & Customer Pricing (many multi-level pricing available)
  • Reporting requirements as required by your business
    • Set data rules for management
    • Set data & reporting rules for branch locations
    • Key financial information for governments/banks/remote ownership
  • Marketing Databases & Project Controls
  • Stocktakes – Full stocktake system with counts & recounts
  • Consignments Control for your products or supplier products
  • Warranty Control
  • Equipment Hire & Equipment Register/Asset Control
  • Scheduling & Enrolment Registers
  • Suppliers / Creditors – basic to advanced controls
  • Customers / Debtors – basic to advanced controls
  • Machinery Maintenance
  • Serial Number Control
  • Help Desk
  • Profit Centre Controls with data and reporting
  • Statistics in any format you require to aid your business management
  • Event Management
  • Training schedules / system
  • Workplace compliance controls

Industry Breakdown

  • TBS Software and Tegelaar Business Solutions have been in existence for over 33 years with our first commercial software application rolling out in April 1986. We have standard software applications from the best franchise solution in the world to business accounting at 3 levels and many bespoke solutions. Live meat auctions, to 50 lunch mobiles linked to production, the possibilities are limited to your imagination and wish to automate processes
  • We have supplied software to businesses involved in:
Mining Retail-Clothing Retail-Safety Gear Retail-Nuts & Bolts
Veterinary Control of S4 Drugs Retail-Paint Supplies Trades-Plumbing Trades-Painting
Ethnic Education & Teacher Control Manufacture-Steel Products Manufacture-Cables Manufacture-Blinds & Curtains
Travel Booking Wholesale-F&V/Tiles Wholesale-Wines Wholesale-Clothing
Railway Booking Computer Shops Bookkeeping Accounting & Consulting
ISP Providers Hiring Piggery Management Pharmacy
Food Co-operative Franchise / Group Applications Gourmet Foods Manufacture-Wetsuits
Vehicle Parts Galvanizers Joinery Material Finishers
Bakery Importers Exporters Hairdressing
Garden Supplies Glass works Manufacture-Doors Sporting Clubs
Meat Auctions Builders-Project Builders-Insurance Builders-Housing
Transport Printing Hospital Banking
Finance / Loans Stockbroking Mail Order Garages
Prison Workshop Marketing Newspaper Ad Sales Exhibitions/Promotions
Security System Installers Manufacture-Trailers Profit Centres Lunch Mobiles & Many Others…

With our experience across so many industries and businesses at all levels, having over 2,000 tasks programmed, ensures that we are able to provide you with whatever you require in a matter of hours or days...  in conjunction with your existing accounting solution or additional to our TBS accounting system.

Business to Business automation examples:

  • Give your main customers a special quote/order application
    • They can do their own quotes and process orders
    • They have historical data of their transactions
    • Able to add key features for their own business use
  • Set data requirements for your departmental or branch managers
    • Could include some useful tools to aid job performance
    • Could include updates for stock, pricing, new procedures
  • Returns and complaints register
  • Group stock totals and stock requests
    • Maintain group stocks in total and for all locations
    • Allows branches to know stock levels
    • Allows transfers between branches and order requests
  • Sales representative (rep) control
    • Key customer data could be listed for sales actioning
      • Sales activity this period versus older period
      • Highlight changes to unit purchases – sell more
      • Top products, customers etc., all by individual sales rep
    • Set daily requirements for each representative
    • Rep can report data on line – better customer/rep management
    • Possible to include quotes and orders
      • This can link into production/purchase orders/stock
    • Budgets can be set and checked against actual performances
  • Supplier update order status
    • Set all purchase orders into the application
    • Supplier could advise dates/quantity for delivery confirmations
    • Supplier could enter specials, forward pricing notifications
    • You would be able to set a special tender/quote option/specification for a specific job or order – set the specifications and then have the supplier/s quote cost and availability against the job
  • Cloud stocktake facility
    • Branches, staff could count and recount by location/product bin
    • Ensures stock accuracy and value to cost or average stock
    • Allows action on overstocks, dead stock etc.
  • Management team communication / action register
    • Security protected entry for key personnel
    • Security to sections so different people can view / action
    • Gives senior management an instant overview of problems and actions taken to correct same
    • Could also include charge requests for work completed
  • Time / job cards
    • Maintained daily for any level of staff or management
    • Able to auto invoice the consolidated data based on your times and sales charge check of rates to be charged
    • Can be practice based or production / representative based
  • Production information
    • Production tasks entered by production department
    • Factory staff update progress
    • Staff records variations and other stock items used
    • Possibly clients could call up a running sheet of active jobs & timing
  • Advanced quote / BOM (Bill of Materials) system for staff outside of standard software use such as Xero/Intuit/MYOB
    • Reps / internal staff can create detailed quotes or place orders
    • Mimic an internal sales office (with far less overhead!)
  • Product costing master
    • Importing and customs controls possible
    • Advanced costing (14 levels) / BOM to validate costs used in your company system
    • Could show : Actual cost - security restricted
    • Could show : Sales cost - to be used by staff
    • Could show : Sales prices - graded to customer level
    • Able to get specific customer price lists automatically
  • Budgets
    • Posts budget totals for branches, reps departments, staff
    • Get staff to log statistics per budget category
  • Market surveys
    • Internal - staff comments on procedures, products, offers
    • External - poll clients and show events etc.
  • Company standards
    • Lists standards with explanation of performance criteria
    • Allow comments from staff
    • Possible prized for good suggestions
  • Group data
    • By staff member, department or branch / state / country. Again this would all be security restricted especially reports that relate to the entire group data
    • Sales, customers, banking, production units, enquiry numbers
  • Overseas companies – data requirements for subsidiaries
    • We have a lot of experience automating detailed financial requirements from an O/S controlling company
  • Mining Sites - Log assets purchase, Log production data, Log work times
    • Log assets purchase per mine site
    • Log production data
    • Log work times
  • Accounting practices
    • Business data for key clients could be logged
    • Clients could log action requests
    • Key data from your practice could be made available to specific clients who could also have a security clearance to do some special data entry and receive summary reports
    • Audit log the reading of notices by client