Franchise Systems

Franchise Systems

This page provides an outline of our unique corporate Franchise systems, and explains why you should consider TBS Clever FRANCHISING as essential for your business. Certainly if you have a group of businesses whether as a franchise or corporate group then TBS will not only provide the most complete franchising control but seriously will improve profitability by using our detailed structure and setup. New franchisors will also find development of your new franchise much easier through using TBS Clever FRANCHISING that also provides the required association guidelines to franchise management.

This will give you an overview about software that accommodates 1 to 100 locations out of the box. This is fully integrated, successfully incorporating all head office functions, branch systems and accounting and integrating all facets into the most complete franchise-group solution ever developed. The group planning started in 1992 after eight years providing business accounting software to a broad range of industries (list included in this report) and then I worked very closely with several customers who had very specific needs and required clearly defined outcomes.

Here is an overview of the components to the franchise systems

Application Data Tables Forms Reports
Head Office Main 569 672 577
Group Data 199 17 77
Franchise Main 987 848 830

I hope to show that not using TBS Franchising is costing you money. With our audit capabilities and heavy concentration of not only data but categories of products, groups, stock controls, customers (details, invoicing, customer orders, quotes, letters of demand, statements, special pricing, consignments), suppliers (details, invoices, purchase orders, RFC (request for credits), consignments), advanced accounting (we have an inbuilt accountant to make P&L easy), automation of data entry at all levels with an amazing array of investigative reports and group reporting gives us the complete business control for a group.

Franchise Systems


* Head Office:  HO Business Accounting  * Royalty Calculator * Royalty Audit * HO Creditors * HO Purchasing * Web Link * Rebates * Marketing * Group Data Overview * Payroll * Performance Analysis Program for HO * Accountant Module HO

* Franchise:  Franchise Business Accounting * Sales Representative * KPI Analysis * Suppliers Update * Audit

* Special Branch Products Control * Payroll * HO Auto Product Pricing Update * Sales Generator

* Branch Review * Web Updates * Pictures (Products) Control * Performance Analysis Program * Accountant Module * Backup

* Group:  * Combination of above * Group Financials

Franchise Systems


  • The world’s most complete franchising or multiple branch corporate solution
  • Full accounting and business management integrated applications. Complete from sales representative to branch to head office:
    • Full applications for all areas covering every required function
    • Complete interaction between all levels – up and down
    • Full audit function at all levels so traceability is paramount
    • Can be operated via the web or as stand-alone applications with full integration at representative/sales controls in both setups
    • Automatic accounting built into each level
  • The branch application is a complete stand-alone solution to profit centre level with full intercompany cashbook and accounting – also has own stock plus H/O controls
  • The sales representative application is a complete stand-alone solution with full connectivity to the branch application. You can also/probably should have the sales rep dial into the branch system for exactly the same result via our cloud solution
  • Group reporting is at advanced levels with full data and KPI information
  • Sophisticated updates and new version rollouts are fully automatic and protect the data with your various applications
  • 14 security levels to protect data at all levels of the franchising cycle

Note: TBS provides bespoke web franchise-group solutions… unique!


Geared for maximum PERFORMANCE

Able to have whatever quantity of products, groups, customers, discounts or suppliers that you wish but the following gives an idea of the numbers from many of our clients:

  • Products 5,000-20,000            One customer has 104,000 products
  • Product Groups 100-1,000
  • Customers 700-3,000                  One customer has 30,000+ customers
  • Discounts 2,000-5,000               One customer has 182,000 discounts
  • Suppliers 200-800
  • Transactions 300,000 to 2,000,000 on average with the ability to post this number of transactions in minutes and obtain summary data by dates for any business area, ledger accounts, products, customers,  suppliers etc.

Most of our clients keep their DATA FOR 5-10 YEARS before transferring to our archive program (depending upon the size of data and industry) which still allows full data interrogation so you can always look back in time.

  • Enables you to track movements between years.
  • Able to refer to historical data for quotes, invoices etc. which gives you a better platform for customer price and performance maintenance

ONE TOUCH ACCOUNTING that provides for a detailed Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet (be your own accountant). We also include ledger balancing worksheets.

MULTIPLE MENUS are available that allow you to set a menu per workstation for the tasks being completed. Owner security level is required to lock in the menu per user logon to be used at each workstation thereby making the options available specific to the work task being performed. This is especially relevant to a counter menu which limits the options for a user logon (we also use this menu type for manufacturing businesses):

multiple menus

Full STOCK CONTROL to product and product group level and by location/warehouse

  • Independent stock-take program enabling count & recount of up to five (5) areas
  • Special stock controls to reduce stock (Min/Max, Auto Ordering, Level Warnings)


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