TBS CleverFranchise is the The complete solution for Franchisors allowing Top to bottom control.




Features & Benefits

TBS CleverFranchise is the The complete solution for Franchisors allowing Top to bottom control.

The complete solution for Franchisors. Top to bottom control of your franchise. Gives the Franchisor the ability to control Franchisees and ensure profit returns, sales growth, payment of royalties.

Key features:
  • Total control of a group from head office (HO) to branch.
    • HO update to branch for all product pricing.
    • Branch able to maintain own product items independent from HO products.
    • HO updates head office creditors to the branch.
    • Branch able to have own creditors and HO creditors concurrently.
    • HO consolidates national purchasing.
    • Branch data files automatically sent to HO.
    • HO royalties automatically calculated, auto invoices and auto emailing.
    • Group KPI controls at Branch and HO level.
    • Group purchases report to co-ordinate pricing and discounts from suppliers.
    • Audit control at both Branch and HO.
    • Branch stocktake programs with full audit and product file update facilities.
    • Training programs defined to train new Branch staff.
    • Integration with HO website and Branch and customer ordering.
    • Marketing control program to co-ordinate marketing levees and expenditures.
    • Royalty audit program to verify monthly royalties against broad data range.
    • Branch is able to have any number of sales reps (with independent programs for their laptops) with auto update facilities to the Branch.
      • Quotes, invoice orders, invoices, request for new customers.
      • History data from Branch is available to reps in a view form only with update to current invoice where a customer repeats an order.
      • In-built cash controls.
    • Branch controls help ensure profit performances to standards defined by HO.
    • Extra audit facilities for Branch managers as well as HO staff that are independent of Branch staff input.
    • KPI budgets and actual reports against budget.
    • Point-of-sale (POS) integrated into program.
    • Reports defined to show gross profit by invoice and highlighting where they vary beyond the standard profit range.
    • HO updates to products and creditors have procedures in place to handle stock variations and the new coding.
    • Unique pricing structure allowing multiple price discounts per product group and weighted to suppliers and master, sub and brand groupings. This ensures the most definitive pricing to return the best gross profit.
    • Mass order projections against minimum, maximum and usage stock levels that also show the values by supplier (where minimum total values for special pricing is a consideration) and total value of the projected orders before transferring to the purchase orders automatically when fully reviewed.
  • Full integrated accounting and business controls at all levels.
  • HO.
  • Branch.
  • Group.



We recommend the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows XP or a later version of Windows
  • Pentium 4 Processor
  • Minimum 1 Gig RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor for shared applications
  • 400mb available hard disk space
  • Internet access for Remote Support



“Manuals are provided with each software purchase as both a Help file (CHM) linked within the program/s and a PDF to allow printing as required.”


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