Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

For any business there should be non-negotiables for your cloud computing needs:

  • Able to be accessed via a web browser and be fast in operation
  • All business functions should be catered for to provide complete corporate control with the added bonus of 14 security levels and auto summary for your accountant
  • Invoicing only solutions are ridiculous in business management
  • TBS Clever BUSINESS or TBS Clever PLUS give you the complete business solution of invoicing, quoting, dashboard, purchasing, cashbook, advanced customer pricing controls, advanced product maintenance and cost controls, BOM, stock control, consignments (customer and supplier), time cards and professional invoicing, accounting (automated to make life easier), GST/Tax controls, statements, supplier management controls, marketing controls, business utilities, business plan, RFC's etc. In PLUS you have a complete jobbing and basic manufacturing control
  • Modifications are available
  • Sales representative controls are built in
  • Able to be upgraded to any level of software even franchising as your business develops
  • Setup for your business and users quickly by TBS
  • Economic monthly fee for everything with no processing limits

Call us to get your business into cloud computing and manage for profit!

Cloud Computing


We have many unique monthly cloud solutions:

  • You bring the clients (50 minimum)
  • Obtain software solution/s providing the best options for your clients
  • Naming rights.
  • You have the server under your control (TBS maintains)


So whether you wish to provide clients with high end software that gives you all you need for profit planning and consulting/tax/KPIs, or using a standard product, and matching or beating prices your clients would pay elsewhere in the cloud with all the benefits listed below is your choice

Get all the advantages of ERP software at base pricing for maximum benefit. TBS Clever CLOUD opens so many areas for the practice, group administrator or entrepreneur to control client businesses and make some serious profits by providing our cloud applications and improving the basis for extra services.

Contact us to get specific pricing and cost/benefit analysis by product and pricing groups. We have structured pricing schedules and likely net profit positions in the provision of monthly software supply plus add-ons.

We can advise the complete setup of a marketing digital department.

** I used to have a practice with 700 business clients, and even at a reasonable average monthly price I would have made significant extra profit per month, provided my customers with broader and cheaper solutions than currently would be available, would have enabled quick control of profit areas which would have improved their profits, improved tax planning and would have had automatic upload to my accounting/tax system to simplify all practice operations and reduce consulting and processing. Win-win on all fronts! **


  • World class ERP software - upgradeable business levels: in the cloud TBS Clever Business, Plus, Engineering, Blinds, Wholesaling etc., as a named product  [NB: Franchising also available under licence]
  • Not many businesses needed for a solid profit –
    • Practice/entrepreneur/bookkeepers are able to create a healthy profit simply by having their customers use TBS software
    • Charge what you want to the client - monthly cost + installation cost + added charges for add-on services
    • Create a network of groups/practices for massive returns
  • Additional benefits: Beyond complete sales, pricing, stock, customers, suppliers, purchasing and profit control
    • Data able to be audited and able to be updated to tax/practice
    • Data can be used for value added work
      • Profit & pricing analysis, debtors, creditors, stock control
      • Take over some office functionality and management reporting
      • Standardized business reporting makes analysis easier
    • Naming rights - locks in your clients through named software
    • Security – dedicated server under your control
    • Scalability - able to provide upgrades in software as the business grows to all levels including full franchising
  • Provide KPI data, Tax, Performance reviews, Audit & Specialty Consulting
  • Tax planning and profit planning becomes easy to achieve
  • Through rights purchase – full control, modifications ability and the ability to create applications for vertical markets – make me an offer and let us discuss the possibilities both in Australia and overseas…

We could also provide your own application in the format listed below:

Business to Business automation examples:

  • Give your main customers a special quote/order application
  • Set data requirements for your departmental or branch managers
  • Returns and complaints register
  • Group stock totals and stock requests
  • Sales representative (rep) control
  • Supplier update order status
  • Cloud stocktake facility
  • Management team communication / action register
  • Time / job cards
  • Production information
  • Advanced quote / BOM (Bill of Materials) system outside of your existing software
  • Product costing master
  • Budgets at multiple levels
  • Market surveys
  • Company standards – list as well as monitor compliance
  • Group data
  • Overseas companies – data requirements for subsidiaries
  • Mining Sites - Log assets purchase, Log production data, Log work times
  • Accounting practices

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