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TBS Software - Australia provides the broadest range of software anywhere in the world and our franchising, corporate, business accounting, production, CRM and business administration software (sales, sales representatives, purchasing, jobbing, cashbook) provides a greater control than most software packages and works more as traditional business would expect. Written by us from the ground up (professional managers, consultants, accountants and company directors) and used by thousands each day we can assure you this will manage your business like no other. We have a special package for your consideration.

TBS CleverBUSINESS™ is the most complete business and accounting package under $10,000 on the market today. We have a software package that ticks all the boxes for:       

Complete in its range of controls required to run your business.

Ease of use.

Fully featured with accounting and business controls.

Best accounting setup of any software - Run a period close in minutes and have a balance sheet or P&L in minutes -     Journalize adjustments and send direct to GLA without posting everything again - Fix core data to avoid unnecessary journals to adjust journals (locked at owner level).

Most advanced set of customer pricing options available - Multiple sell prices = 7 - Customer price discounts by product group - Customer contract pricing for individual stock items - Industry daily pricing per product and per industry type (able to classify all customers)       

Live inventory/stock control so adjustments are automatically reflected at invoicing etc.       

Budgets and auto update of actual balances against your budgets.       

Goods and services tax control – whether it is GST, VAT, BTW we offer multiple tax rates by product, updatable by product group and reportable for any period you define.       

Very fast on a network – we have a 10 user multi-license that flies on a standard XP/Windows 7/8 network.       

27+ years of business software experience so we have stood the test of time.       

Fully integrated between all modules so no unnecessary re-keying of data.       Drill down review of data i.e.: at customers review products sold, invoices, quotes, receipts, RAs, jobs,  and similarly at suppliers see products purchased, creditor invoices and payments.       

14 levels of security to allow business owners to control who sees and does what set to 3 main levels: ownership, management and staff.       

Parameter driven reports that give you the greatest control over what data is included in your reports and always allows for a date range plus where appropriate customer no. supplier no, product number range etc.       

Contact management including key personnel, mail merge and appointment diary       

Jobbing control for production items to enable full specialty manufacture/packaging etc - Time cards for recording work by time, task, client, employee as required - Full professional update to invoicing with your input all the way -     Production staff can fill the time cards themselves for your stats/wage input.       

Payroll and personnel data with batch payroll facilities and user defined taxation rates.       

Cashbook with full bank reconciliation, worksheet, forecasting.       

Purchase orders and integrated receiving controls – auto transfer to supplier invoice.       

Quoting integrated with invoicing and jobbing. Also includes a copy function.       

Product bill of materials and full costing control as well as multiple sell prices (7).       

Multiple invoice types - Full invoicing with multiple-line product sales including discounts/auto tax/full description of sold items - POS (Point of sale) invoice in checkout style which supports bar code scanning - POS invoice in standard format that allows price updates/discounts etc.       

Business plan section + a full contact management system integrated with debtors/creditors.       

Setup area and end of month review area menu.       

Business utilities such as product break-even, loan/lease calculator, assets and depreciation.       Complete section of personnel & business utilities in a separate section.       

The list goes on…TBS CleverBUSINESS includes all the elements required in a management and accounting system, namely:

Accounts ReceivableGeneral LedgerQuoting
Accounts PayableInvoicingPurchasing
Stock ControlPayrollCashbook
Bank ReconciliationCostingMulti-Company
MarketingPersonnelSales Control
JobbingJob/Time CardsAdditional Utilities

We optimized 
TBS CleverBUSINESS for medium to larger businesses and to work very fast on a network for up to 10 concurrent users. Make no mistake this software leaves MYOB, Quicken and Sage in the shade and completely behind our high business standards for functionality, ease of use and use on a network. The network issue would be the single biggest problem with our competitors because they are much slower, were geared only for small business, and have lagged behind acceptable standards for years whereas TBS has been geared for speed, profit and management control.TBS Software has been in operation since 1986 supplying turnkey solutions to a vast range of businesses. Our other website 
www.tbssoftware.com.au Corporate heading - has details of some of the industries and products that we sell and have sold for over 27 years. From day one we provided solid software that did the accounting better than anyone else, handled customer price matrix far beyond our competitors and provided upgrades and modifications to suit various industries.
The program you will reviewTBS CleverBUSINESS has all the traits of a full blown corporate system but made easier for the 99% of businesses that do not have 100+ terminals accessing mainframe solutions.Our products are network ready, work very fast on your personal workstation or as a client in a network in a client server format.
Most of the world businesses and homes use a 2-6 user LAN (local area network) and we provide 10 users out of the box for our software. This gives you the scope to grow, gives us a definite advantage on the opposition who charge a heavy premium for extra users beyond their 3-5 available with the original ‘premium’ editions
We also have listened to our large installed base of businesses, covering the franchising sector for which we have the largest complete solution in the world today, corporations with multi-branch operations, specialty businesses in all works of business life: retailing, wholesaling, growers control, storage, transport, engineering, light manufacturing, event management, equipment hire, hospitality, bakeries, booking agency, contracting, concreting, specialty manufacturing, blind manufacturing which would also be the most complete solution in the world today, finance sector, government departments, insurance, safety products and controls, S4 drugs controls, meat auctions… etc...
Our main thrust as a business was to build world class solutions for the medium business market. We wanted to have a core solution that only required minimal adjustment to add variations (specific modules) that satisfied the need of a particular industry but still provided the complete solution. There are many software solution providers that have created small ‘front end’ packages that did a few tasks but was never integrated, was never standard software and most often did not work as it should. We wanted and achieved the total control of a business from within 1 software package.We have watched the smaller end of the software market being abused by inferior products that are quite frankly abysmal on a network, where every upgrade provides a new angst for the business management and where the software just does not work the way business should. We come from a larger corporate methodology and have now weighed into this market. TBS has not previously dabbled in the mass software market, whilst we have been ready for some years, for fear of adulterating the market we normally work within, namely software within the realm of $20,000 to $200,000. Within the mass market there needs to be value and a price point to achieve success. TBS has more than enough of the value and performance to put us well ahead of any opposition on a worldwide scale, and we are prepared to meet our competition head-on.
We are selling a multi user version of TBS CleverBUSINESS for $8800.Our opposition generally has a price point around $12,000-25,000 for 5 users. With TBS you save approximately 100-200% on the original purchase cost of software
The extra features found in TBS CleverBUSINESS™ add thousands of additional value to our purchase costOur network license will be 10 usersOur opposition generally has 3-5 users.
All things considered TBS is a very low price for a great product. Options within theTBS CleverBUSINESS™ product such as Job/Time Cards, Jobbing/Contract Management, Payroll, Business Plan, Contact Management are worth the cost of the software in their own right, and this is all provided as integrated sections within one of the most advanced invoicing, accounting and general business software products on the market.

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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