Goal Setting and Personal Profiler

Goal setting has been hyped by many ‘hot gospellers’ and business trainers over the last 30-40 years but the reality is that being able to see a ‘minds-eye’ view of yourself and where you are going is a great quality and one that MUST be learned.
Goal or target setting gives you direction and personal improvement. Your ability to pass this onto your staff will determine the sort of team you will have under your control.
Managers set goals for themselves and their staff but it begins with factual self-analysis.
Be honest with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.
Set the path for improving these skills and maximizing the results.
Work diligently at your weaknesses to improve all areas functionally and to remove or lessen weaknesses.
Understand your strengths and look to maximize your strengths.
Take care to not avoid your weaknesses through overcompensating on your strengths.
What are your 3 main strengths?
What are your 3 main weaknesses?
Business qualities:                                      How many do you have – 10 is the minimum
Goal Setting
Sales Ability
Credit Management
Cash-Flow Management
Meeting Targets
Stock Control
Staff Relations
The following is a list of business functions and management duties.
Rate yourself between:      
1          Low/beginner
5          Average
10        Best/perfect!
When you analyse each function be honest as if you need to explain to a prospective employer the results and prove these to him/her:
  1. Manage your time  ______
  2. Planning for the future  ______
  3. Handling money  ______
  4. Budget (enter the categories that apply to you)
    1. business income and expenses and reviewing monthly  ______
    2. product development  ______
    3. staff time and work procedures  ______
  5. Seeing problems before they happen ______
  6. Do you relate well with your family (parents, brothers and sisters etc)  ______
  7. Do you relate well with your family (wife/partner, children etc)  ______
  8. Do you relate well with your peers (sporting mates/work mates etc)  ______
  9. Work effectively on your own  ______
  10. Work effectively under supervision  ______
  11. Communicate effectively with level 1 staff (factory, clerks, drivers etc)  ______
  12. Communicate effectively with level 2 staff (line managers, foremen etc) ______
  13. Communicate effectively with level 3 staff (senior managers, directors) ______
  14. Communicate effectively with level 4 staff (external persons)  ______
  15. Directing/managing level 1 staff (factory, clerks, drivers etc)  ______
  16. Directing/managing level 2 staff (line managers, foremen etc)  ______
  17. Directing/managing level 3 staff (senior managers, directors)  ______
  18. Directing/managing level 4 staff (external persons)  ______
  19. How do you handle conflict between staff  ______
Personal items:
  1. How well do you know yourself  ______
  2. How honest are you with your status and need for development  ______
  3. How truthful are you  ______
  4. How hard do you work  ______
  5. How caring are you  ______
  6. How empathetic are you  ______
  7. How brave are you  ______
I will leave the assessment of your results to yourself.
If you wish to share the results of yourself or a staff member, and seek help with your/their management then feel free to contact me by email and include the report within the body of the email (not as an attachment) by copying the page in word and pasting into your email.
Provide any other points as reference such as age, current position, years of experience, etc and I will be happy to answer your questions.


I am passionate about the need for good management and the need for managers to share there knowledge and help develop others as it can only benefit business, managers and employees.
(c) Walter Tegelaar 2013

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