Business owners trigger points for better software

Items defining when a business needs advanced Business Software such as TBS Software or MYOB™ EXO - I include MYOB EXO to be fair although TBS is a superior product.

General items that would point to using advanced rather than on-line basic software

Turnover                                - Above $500k per year

Number of Products               - 1000 +

Number of Product Groups    - 20 +

Number of Customers            - 100 +

Number of Suppliers              - 50 +

Debtors higher than 55 days outstanding

Creditors higher than 55 days outstanding

Conditions where it is ESSENTIAL to have advanced Business Software

Multiple site business

Sales Representatives are employed

Multiple customer pricing and discount options required

Manufacturing or Product Assembly

Have any sort of jobbing function

JIT (Just in Time) Stock Control

Detailed budgets completed with auto link to actual data

BOM (Bill of Materials) used in quoting / invoicing / jobbing

Overseas ordering

Net Profit % is below expectations

Trouble deciding actual product costs

Trouble defining the correct selling prices for your products

Give me an email or call if you want to:            walterteg@tbssoftware.com.au

  1. Reduce your stock level and create available cash
  2. Increase your gross profit % levels
  3. Increase your turnover
  4. Reduce expenses and improve net profit %
  5. Increase control of your business
  6. Control other branches/sites/sales representatives
  7. Need web ordering integration
  8. Need to be on the web for all your data without compromise to using advanced software… we can set up the software to run as fast as your best workstation for any number of users ie: 5 – 50

TBS Software has multiple choices:               

  1. TBS CleverHOME™ plus BUSINESS essentials    - for everyone at home, rep, professional
  2. TBS CleverBUSINESS™        - Retail or small business integrated software
  3. TBS CleverPLUS™                - Complete corporate solution
  4. TBS CleverFRANCHISING     - Complete multi site franchising solution from HO to Branch and Representative, including royalties, group stats etc
  5. TBS CleverENGINEERING™ - Complete engineering/production software
  6. TBS CleverBLINDS                - Complete blind manufacture industry solution
  7. TBS CleverGAS                     - Gas bottle hire and sales software
  8. TBS CONSULTANT               - Consultants & accountants specialty software

TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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