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Our average turnaround per customer was $224,000 per year till we stopped keeping averages in 2007. So on today’s values we would represent an average improvement around $250,000 to $300,000. So whether you pick up an extra 10% profit or our restructuring doubles your business the simple answer is you cannot afford to not look at TBS Software and the add-on facility of our consulting expertise.  Within the last few years our customers have survived and at times grown through the global financial crisis with the controls in place and key advice to guard and improve.Ask yourself these important questions:
  • Is your business not quite making the profit it should?
  • Are your systems: work and software maximizing your business control and potential?
  • Do you feel you have exhausted all avenues to get your business performing?
  • Do you have staffing issues that hold back your business?
Tegelaar Business Solutions have been offering the following services for over 30 years:
  1. Software – multi-level solutions from small enterprises to corporate businesses that incorporate top quality business software per location, head office functionality, multi sites, integrated sales representative packages, performance analysis together with a range of control systems to maximize your day to day management. 
  2. Business Consulting – profit centre management that will lead to improvements and a better functioning business. Follow our advice and work with your improved software controls provided and set up by us
  3. Accounting – offering full accounting services were provided in the past right to taxation accounting, but today we are centred on software services that will give you complete self control of your full accounting automatically within the software, and advice within the results of your TBS Software program that gives direction on improvement, company direction and profitability.
We offer a unique service to get your business to succeed:
  1. Analysis of your business
    1. Structure in work practices and grading success at many levels
    2. Personnel for work guidelines, suitability, abilities
    3. Marketing structure and position in the marketplace
    4. Products and their current status within your business
    5. Costing for both your products and the sell prices used to find profit leaks
    6. Analysis of expense structures and areas for improvement
    7. Work levels and interaction of procedures, authority levels and people to find flaws and areas to improve within your current business practices and recommendations to improve interoperability and performance
    8. Set standards that will help you and your staff
  2. Install software that is 100% geared to your business
    1. Automated features that specifically improve the areas we find at 1
    2. Changes made to reflect the needs you have in data reporting
    3. Tighter security at all working levels between management and staff, and then between sales, general, warehouse, production and accounting
    4. Able to control multiple sites all from one location. One of the principal profit drains in business is having multiple sites and not being able to be at all the sites all the time. TBS gives you that control
    5. Software able to be accessed across the Web if you require this: our setup offers blazing speed across the Web as if you were sitting on your personal computer and not hampered by a slow network
    6. 10 network users built into our software applications
  3. Get Results
    1. Structure to be improved
    2. Profit performance to be improved
    3. Staff work parameters redefined in conjunction with the software to pick up any potential savings in staff or improve their functionality to give you more time to manage and improve your business

 Selling TBS Software – selling solutions

Hello, my name is Walter Tegelaar and I am the Founder and CEO of TBS Software. We are a corporate and bespoke software business that services franchises, corporations, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and specialty enterprises with a focus on control, analysis, admin/accounting and profit.TBS has provided corporate Australia with top-end solutions for over 27 years. We have the world's best franchising solution that will also handle multiple site corporate businesses. TBS has many industry specific packages that are leaders in their own right. We also have fully featured software networked programs for all levels of business and home users. A full list follows.

Our pricing levels are the best in the business so you get maximum value and improvement for your business. Our clients have been impressed with the increase in business control and improvements in business performances, and we have helped many businesses grow exponentially, directly through using TBS Software because it has been developed by experienced business managers and accountants handling the requirements and interactions within a business.TBS focuses on control and profitability, the ability to upgrade and designing solutions for your business or group. TBS wins easily on features and performance when tested against all the major software programs. We have fully featured software solutions for any level of business and then we can tailor specific control elements that may be specific to your business and thereby not only improve gross and net profitability, but where you have multiple locations, ensure your investment is not being eroded by poor branch management (the main cause of business failure).We are an Australian company with international links and we have been in operation since April 1986. 

My team comes from a broad background in general management, sales management, security, accounting, works management, consulting, transport management, production management (in blinds, plastics, doors, windows, food) and government to private enterprise consulting, both in Australia and overseas (Europe, UK, USA and Asia), so we know how to run businesses at a profit, establish systems to control a business and how to report the results for board, government and line management levels.  We therefore focused on the corporate, heavily modified bespoke systems with the accent on profit performances to match our experiences.I have been a financial controller for a national company, works manager, accountant, projects and marketing manager for a Dutch university, represented on European commissions, senior partner in a chartered practice, CEO of a plastics company, management consultant and federal official, so my background is deep and varied. When I set up the business model 27 years ago my goal was to build the ultimate business package, allow business to have complete control and improve profitability, have the software be a natural aid to management, and sometime in the future we would create mainstream, high volume products that would leverage our knowledge to make our software more accessible to small/medium businesses and the home owner at a cost anyone could afford. That time is now.

This actual development process takes a lot of time (7 years for Business Accounts the original core business product), then fully test and develop in all sizes of business and operating environments. Then to develop a mainstream solution that will satisfy the needs of our target markets takes a lot of work and input from our customers and staff for which we are very thankful.                                   

Many companies have gone bust over the years whereas we have thrived and developed a wealth of leading edge software solutions:

1.      World leading Franchising systems from Head Office to Branch and Sales Representative such as Safetyquip Australia http://www.safetyquip.com.au/

2.      Engineering/manufacturing software to control the manufacturing and business process  such as Elphinstone Engineering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6877RfBzdU

3.      Complete Blind industry software http://www.hartlandsblinds.com.au/

4.      Gas Bottle hire and sales software for the distributor ie: Eyre Gas & Welding Supplies

5.      Complete solutions in multiple levels: Business, http://www.floorshop.com.au/ Plushttp://hipac.com.au/ and Corporate http://www.adcoote.net.au/ andhttp://www.ausdens.com.au/about_us.php

6.      Specialty programs for accountants, group wholesalers , S4 drugs, vets, payroll, hire, etcTBS is very well placed to provide the software solution for all businesses. If you couple TBS Software with sound management and accounting support then you will find immediate benefits in systems control, data improvements to make better decisions and a range of features unequaled in most software packages to automate the general business functions: efficiently and securely.Please find below our software programs list and some details of what TBS has to offer:

Program List:

  1. TBS CleverHOME™                                                           
  2. TBS CleverEXTRA              (accountant’s clients)
  3. TBS CleverEXTRA PRO      (accountant’s clients)
  4. TBS CleverBUSINESS™
  5. TBS CleverPLUS™
  6. TBS CleverCorporate
  7. TBS CleverWholesaler
  8. TBS CleverEngineering
  9. TBS CleverBlinds
  10. TBS CleverGroupRetailer
  11. TBS CleverOrders (Internet)
  12. TBS CleverFranchising
  13. TBS CleverGas
Software was then and still is today a fragmented business control that is serviced by companies providing a poor product from an overall business improvement and control perspective, to those that charge up to half a million dollars to get the type of controls that TBS can provide for a much better pricing structure. The key point of difference is only large corporate entities can afford the required level of software unless they use TBS Software.We have the unique ability to have:
  1. A wealth of programs to suit all market segments
  2. The ability to modify software to the client’s needs
  3. A cost structure that provides the software to small to medium business
  4. Guarantees positive results if software controls are utilized and improved with added involvement of management accountants and consulting advice
  5. All software is complete and able to be upgraded to larger versions.
  6. All software is geared towards network usage and has a 10 user license built in.
  7. All TBS Software bears the hallmarks of reliability, scalability and leading edge business features that save you time and money and improve controls.
  8. All software is fully integrated with hundreds of reports to report data and provide essential performance statistics to highlight areas that require investigation and thereby improve profit at the product level, product group, division, branch, company and group.
  9. All software is also available for the web (not the small invoice type solutions generally on offer by on-line companies… also beware the add-ons to arrive at a solution). We can make TBS Software programs fully web available.
  10. Multiple setup options on a standard windows network, on a Go Global or XP Unlimited framework, with full linking to management portables and off-site units such as vans.

TBS has developed leading software systems for many business types and currently our most sophisticated systems are the Corporate Franchise System, TBS CleverPLUS™, TBS CleverEngineering, and TBS CleverBlinds, with many other solutions available.

NOTE: The software has been audited and provided a security benefit of only $1000 leakage over an 8 year period for 10+ businesses. This augers well if you are living off royalties or running a multi branch operation where you need to control the businesses as if you were present at each location (another company audited at the same time had a 42% sales leakage).

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TBS Software provide a wide range of account management software for home accounting and business accounting needs. Our accounting software offers some of the best features that are easy to use. We also provide custom software solutions to suit your requirements.

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